What is Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®?

Orange 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe on Wooded Road

While exploring the Hyundai lineup, you might have come across SHIFTRONIC® on the specs sheet. What is Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®? Select Hyundai models are equipped with this unique transmission system that gives Capitol Hill drivers the opportunity to override the automatic transmission and shift gears manually. Another standout feature of SHIFTRONIC® is the fact that an advanced computer actually prevents the engine from stalling or over-revving while SHIFTRONIC® is engaged.


Using the SHIFTRONIC® system on your Hyundai vehicle is actually quite simple. All you have to do to activate this feature is to move the shift lever into the SHIFTRONIC® gear position. It’s that easy! Depending on the model that you drive, there are different ways to shift gears with SHIFTRONIC®.

  • Regular Gear Shift: To downshift, pull the lever backward. To upshift, push the shift lever forward.
  • Paddle Shifters: Press the “+” button on the paddle shifter when you need to upshift. Press the “-” button paddle shifter when you need to downshift.

When Should I Use Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®?

If you have a vehicle that is outfitted with Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®, you may be wondering when you should use the system. If you are looking to improve handling, braking, and fuel economy, Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® can help you do so.

  • Added Control: If you encounter less than ideal driving conditions in Mutcho, you can have peace of mind with the added control SHIFTRONIC® provides. Simply use SHIFTRONIC® to downshift instead of braking to lower your speed and minimize the chance of skidding.
  • Better Acceleration: In certain instances, quicker acceleration can help you get out of the path of collision. When used properly, Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® can help drivers accelerate more quickly.
  • Easy Deceleration: Drivers have the ability to downshift and reduce the speed of the vehicle. Applying the brakes is not necessary.
  • More Excitement: You may simply love the fun of driving a vehicle with a manual transmission.

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