Triple J Saipan Part Department

we carry and install genuine original equipment (OEM) parts and accessories.

Parts Department at Triple J Motors Saipan

We know at Triple J Motors Saipan that installing the highest quality parts is necessary to achieve the best results. That’s why we carry and install genuine original equipment (OEM) parts and accessories Whether you are a do-it-yourself mechanic who needs a new battery or a customer who wants the best part installed to complete routine maintenance or repair, you can trust that our parts department will provide the best.

Offered Triple J Saipan Parts


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Your vehicle’s oil filter, fuel filter, and engine air filter all keep contaminants from entering the engine, and the cabin air filter prevents airborne particles from coming into your cabin; we can change all these filters when necessary.


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Brakes can take a lot of stress, but only because they have parts that take incredible friction. That friction and heat can rub away brake pads and may even cause rotor damage, making your brakes less efficient and more dangerous. We perform brake pad replacement, brake caliper, brake inspection, rotor resurfacing and replacement, fluid exchange and so much more. We want to make sure you’re safe.

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Wet roads can be perilous if your tires aren’t in good shape, and in the wet season, damp roads are all but assured. We can check your tire’s treads and provide new tires should you need them. We also perform alignment, rotation, rebalancing, and patching for all your tire needs. Come get your new tires or tire service at Triple J Guam today.

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Car batteries are not made for extreme heat. Our tropical weather can sometimes evaporate the vital fluids inside the battery, making it less efficient and risking a start-up failure. We test, inspect, sell, and replace batteries so that you can make sure your electrical system is at the ready when you need it most.

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Wiper Blades

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We carry wiper blades for Honda, Kia, Mazda, Acura, and Ford models at Triple J Guam. With OEM wiper blades, you get high-quality materials that will deliver better longevity, durability, and performance than most aftermarket wiper blades.

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Your vehicle has a number of fluids that need to be changed regularly, including the engine oil, automatic or manual transmission fluid, engine coolant fluid, brake fluid, and other fluids that are vital to your vehicle’s functioning.

Genuine OEM Parts vs Aftermarkets

Genuine OEM parts provide the best quality and value. Genuine OEM parts quality comes from engineering design and manufacturing standards. OEM parts are engineered to fit and perform on specific models as expected. They are also made according to strict production standards matching the vehicle they are made for. Enhanced quality makes it easy to back OEM parts with a warranty. Aftermarket parts are not of the same quality and cannot provide the same value because a warranty does not back them.

Popular Replacement Parts

You can trust us with all of your replacement parts. If we don’t have the part in inventory, we can find most parts and order them quickly for delivery within a few days. Here is a sample of the popular replacement parts that we sell at Triple J Motors Saipan:

Order Parts at Triple J Motors Saipan

We accept part orders online, by phone, and in person. Online parts ordering is a convenient way to place an order at any time within minutes by filling out the form. Be sure to select if you want us to install your new part. We will contact you within 24-48 hours after submission. Ordering parts by phone is ideal for missing information such as the part number or any uncertainties about the order. You can also stop by during normal parts department hours to place an order in person. We have knowledgeable parts advisors that can assist with any questions.

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