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Car Repair and Maintenance

At Triple J Motors Saipan, we’re a family business that’s dedicated to the community. Of course, this means that we don’t stop at simply providing top-quality Hyundai, Mazda, and Mitsubishi vehicles to drivers in Garapan, Susupe, and beyond. We also want to make sure that your vehicle has a long and healthy life. That’s why we have a service center that’s staffed by expert technicians. Learn more about our service here! We also provide bundled service packages so it can be more convenient for you to get certified service. If your vehicle needs car repair and maintenance, schedule a service appointment with our team of specialists for the best car service in Saipan. Contact us today or visit our Saipan dealership today!

Car Maintenance and Services at Triple J Saipan

Triple J Motors Saipan may be based in Saipan, but our dedication to service means that drivers from Tinian and beyond can come and get car maintenance in Capitol Hill, as well! What sets us apart? We think the most important thing is our people and the car maintenance they need. The technicians at Triple J Motors Saipan are highly qualified, and they’ll be glad to perform whatever car repair and maintenance your need. We also carry OEM parts and accessories to keep your warranty intact and set us apart from the competition. Some of our more common services include:

Oil Change

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Your engine contains moving metal components that would quickly become damaged if they weren’t properly lubricated. Oil helps the engine remain lubricated, but it will begin to break down over time. Since old oil isn’t as effective at lubrication and can even deposit sludge in the engine, regular oil changes are necessary to keep your car at its best. We offer both synthetic and conventional oil changes.

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Tire Service

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The tires play a vital role in your vehicle’s safety and comfort, so it’s best to keep them in top condition. At Triple J Motors Saipan, we’ll perform services like tire rotation, tire balancing, and tire inspection to ensure your tires are at their best. When you need new tires, we can install them for you.

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We don’t have to tell you how important the brakes are in your vehicle, which is why you should have regular brake inspections performed. From there, our technicians will let you know if you need additional services like brake pad replacement (front, rear, or both), brake fluid exchange, or rotor resurfacing.

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Wondering how much time your battery has left? We can test your battery at Triple J Motors Saipan. If you need a new battery, we carry them here.

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Whether you’re driving a vehicle with a manual or an automatic transmission, it will eventually need a transmission fluid exchange. In addition, if you notice transmission problems like slipping, have us inspect it for you. You might require a transmission replacement.


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Your wheels can get misaligned when you hit a pothole or just from daily driving. This can cause problems, making your drive more dangerous and wearing down your tires unevenly. We can inspect your wheels’ camber, toe, and caster angles and adjust them to make sure everything is up to spec. We offer both two-wheel and four-wheel alignment.

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The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system in your vehicle keeps you cool in warm weather, warm in cold weather, and comfortable in humidity, and we can perform services to ensure that it stays at its best.

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Your vehicle has a number of fluids that need to be changed regularly, including the engine oil, automatic or manual transmission fluid, engine coolant fluid, brake fluid, and other fluids that are vital to your vehicle’s functioning.


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Your vehicle’s oil filter, fuel filter, and engine air filter all keep contaminants from entering the engine, and the cabin air filter prevents airborne particles from coming into your cabin; we can change all these filters when necessary.

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