Close-up of Mazda SKYACTIV technology engine inside 2017 Mazda6

SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is a crucial part of what makes new Mazda vehicles so fun to drive! Whether you’re in something fast and nimble like a new Mazda3, or something sporty and capable like the new Mazda CX-9, you can bet that SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is powering you forward. Whether you drive gas or diesel, this innovative design philosophy allows you to enjoy superior fuel economy without compromising on power or performance.

SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY: Gas & Diesel Engines

Here’s a quick look at what makes engines with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY so unique:


  • The SKYACTIV®-G is the Mazda version of the aspirated gasoline engine.
  • It’s available in 2.0L or 2.5L 4-cylinder configurations.
  • SKYACTIV®-G offers air-fuel compression at an impressive 14.0:1 ratio.
  • Compared to other gasoline engines, this increases fuel-efficiency by as much as 15%!


  • SKYACTIV®-D is this manufacturer’s response to the standard diesel engine.
  • Compared to other diesel engines, SKYACTIV®-D offers an even lower compression ratio.
  • As a result, fuel economy and emission levels are improved dramatically.
  • Where can you find SKYACTIV®-D? This engine will appear in the upcoming Mazda CX-5 Diesel.


To complement the SKYACTIV®-G and SKYACTIV®-D engines, Mazda has created two superior transmissions:


  • With this 6-speed automatic transmission, you’ll enjoy the fuel economy of a CVT, and the seamless, controlled shifts of a dual-clutch automated manual.
  • The SKYACTIV®-Drive transmission works with the engine to boost fuel economy by 4%-7%.


  • Some drivers will prefer the SKYACTIV®-MT, a lightweight 6-speed manual transmission.
  • It offers a more engaging drive without wasting fuel.

SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY: Body, Chassis, & Handling

What is SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY in Mazda vehicles? It isn’t all about engine and transmission features! Looking beyond the powertrain, we find that SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY has permeated nearly every aspect of the Mazda lineup. Here’s what you can expect:


  • SKYACTIV®-BODY technology reduces weight by up to 8%, and increases rigidity by up to 30%. The result is a vehicle that’s more agile and safer to drive.


  • The SKYACTIV®-CHASSIS goes even further to improve performance, reducing the vehicle’s weight by up to 14%.
  • It also includes a new and improved suspension system, as well as now electric power steering.


  • Have you ever experienced SKYACTIV®-VEHICLE DYNAMICS with G-Vectoring Control? It improves control by dropping engine torque and shifting weight to the front wheels when you’re moving around a curve.


Ready to see the Saipan roads in a whole new light? Find a new Mazda vehicle in our inventory and experience SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY for yourself. Contact us today to set up your test drive or secure financing.

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