Check Engine Light Diagnosis

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The dashboard lights in your vehicle play a helpful role. When something needs attention, one of these lights will turn on to alert you. The check engine light is an important dashboard light, but it can also be frustrating. This is because it’s not always clear what the light indicates. At Triple J Motors Saipan, we can help you figure out the meaning of your check engine light by performing a check engine light diagnostic service. Find out more about this service here, and then visit our service center for a check engine light diagnosis.

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

There is a computer in your vehicle called the Engine Control Unit — or the ECU, for short. The ECU monitors all the functions of your engine to ensure that everything is operating smoothly and accurately. If the ECU senses that something is wrong with the engine, it will store a unique code pointing to the component or system that has the problem. It will also trigger the check engine light to come on.

What Should I Do if the Check Engine Light Comes On?

If the check engine light on your vehicle turns on, you will need to have your vehicle hooked up to a code reader to find out the cause of the problem. We can perform this service at Triple J Motors Saipan. The kind of check engine light you see determines how urgent this is.

  • For most problems, the check engine light will be solid rather than flashing or blinking. If this is the case, it’s most likely not an emergency. However, the problem will still affect your engine’s power, fuel efficiency, or emissions, so you should get it looked at immediately. We recommend finishing the drive to your destination and checking the gas cap to make sure it’s not loose. If the gas cap is tight and the check engine light is still on, schedule a service appointment soon at ​​Triple J Motors Saipan.
  • If the check engine light is flashing, on the other hand, it’s usually a sign of an engine misfire. This can damage the catalytic converter and be expensive to repair, so we recommend pulling over, shutting off the engine, and calling for a tow as soon as it’s safe to do so.

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