Coolant Fluid Exchange Service



Visit Triple J Motors Saipan for Coolant Fluid Exchange Service in the Northern Mariana Islands

When your vehicle needs new coolant fluid, the best place to go in the Northern Mariana Islands is Triple J Motors Saipan! Not only are we worth the drive from Garapan and Susupe, but we even have drivers visit us from as far away as Tinian! Learn more about coolant fluid exchanges here, and then stop by Triple J Motors Saipan to see for yourself just what sets us apart from the rest.

What Does Coolant Fluid Do?

Coolant fluid is part of your vehicle’s cooling system. The engine in your car, truck, van, or SUV produces an incredible amount of heat. In fact, there’s so much heat that it would damage and destroy the engine without a cooling system to take some of the heat away. When the thermostat senses that your engine has gotten up to operating temperature, it releases coolant fluid, also known as antifreeze. This fluid is then pumped through the cooling system by the water pump. As the coolant fluid travels through the cooling lines, it picks up excess heat from the engine and carries it to the radiator. The hot fluid is then cooled down in the radiator by way of a larger surface area and airflow. Once it’s been cooled down, the coolant fluid begins the cycle again, picking up excess heat and dissipating it in the radiator.

Why Does Coolant Fluid Need To Be Replaced?

Over time, the coolant fluid can become contaminated. It can also begin to break down, losing its integrity. When this happens, it will not be able to cool your engine as effectively, and you may see the engine begin to overheat. Since this can lead to lasting damage and even engine destruction, it’s best to avoid this! When you come to Triple J Motors Saipan for coolant fluid exchange service, our technicians will drain the old fluid from your vehicle, replacing it with high-quality new coolant fluid that will keep the engine cool. They will also check to make sure there are no leaks in the cooling system.

Schedule Your Next Coolant Fluid Exchange at Triple J Motors Saipan, Serving Garapan and Susupe

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