Transmission Fluid Exchange Service



When Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Fluid Exchange, Come to Triple J Motors Saipan, Your Service Center in the Northern Mariana Islands

Whether your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, an automatic transmission, or a continuously variable automatic transmission, it has transmission fluid. This fluid is a vital part of your transmission’s functioning, and it should be changed at the recommended intervals. When the time comes for your vehicle to get a transmission fluid exchange, we invite you to visit Triple J Motors Saipan, serving Garapan, Susupe, and beyond. Even drivers as far away as Tinian choose Triple J Motors Saipan!

What Is the Transmission Fluid in Your Vehicle?

In both manual transmissions and all types of automatic transmissions, the transmission fluid is there to help keep the moving components of the transmission well lubricated. This prevents harm from friction, ensuring that your transmission will last longer. Although it serves this role in both types of transmissions, transmission fluid takes an extra role in automatic transmissions. Both regular and continuously variable automatic transmissions get much hotter than manual transmissions. Because of this, the transmission fluid that goes in these types of transmission also acts as a coolant to keep the transmission from overheating.

Why Does My Vehicle Need a Transmission Fluid Exchange?

As time goes by, the transmission fluid in your vehicle will become less effective at keeping your transmission lubricated (and cool, if you have an automatic). If you have a manual transmission, the transmission fluid will slowly become contaminated, with tiny particles of metal and rubber getting loose in the fluid and decreasing its ability to lubricate. If you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission, there’s another potential issue: the transmission fluid may actually become degraded due to the heat of the transmission. No matter which type of transmission you have, this can decrease your transmission’s lifespan.

How Often Should I Have the Transmission Fluid Exchanged?

While different manufacturers have different recommendations, we suggest having the transmission fluid changed every 25,000 miles at Triple J Motors Saipan. Our technicians will perform a transmission flush service using Wynn’s TranServe III & Synthetic ATF. We will also inspect the transmission to ensure that there are no other issues.

Schedule Your Next Transmission Fluid Exchange Service at Triple J Motors Saipan

When you’re ready to bring your vehicle in for a transmission fluid exchange service, we are here to help at Triple J Motors Saipan. Our technicians will be glad to perform this service, so give us a call or use our online service schedule request form.

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