How to Reset Tire Pressure Light

Man asia driver checking air pressure and filling air in the tires of car

Did you just inflate your tires but the TPMS light is on? You may have to reset the system. Your vehicle’s TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, should always remain active. Below, you’ll learn how to reset the tire pressure light, so you can feel confident your new or used car’s tire pressure is ideal for your trips around Mutcho!

Why Is My TPMS Light On?

Before learning how to do a tire pressure sensor reset, you have to learn why the TPMS light is on in the first place. This light can come on at any time when you’re driving through Capitol Hill or you crank up the car and it’s on when it was off the previous day. Check out the common reasons why your Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light is on in the first place below:

  • Drastic changes in weather conditions or climate can trigger the TMPS light, especially if you live in areas with drastic weather.
  • The most common reason why the TMPS light is on is because there might be a nail or gash in the tire leaking air.

Resetting the TPMS Light: Step-by-Step Guide

Usually, the TPMS light goes off after the tires are inflated. If it stays on, you can try the following steps:

  • Drive at or above 50 mph for about 10 minutes. Sometimes, this causes the TPMS sensor to reset the next time the car is turned on.
  • Make sure the car is off. Turn the key to “On,” but don’t start the engine. Press and hold the TPMS reset button until the light blinks three times. You can typically find the reset button under the steering wheel. Release the button, then start the car and wait about 20 minutes. This should reset the sensor.
  • Over-inflate your tires by 3 PSI, including the spare, then deflate them entirely. Afterward, re-inflate the tires to their suggested PSI.
  • Make sure the car is off. Disconnect the positive battery cable using a wrench. Then, turn the car on and press and hold the horn for three seconds to discharge any remaining power. Reconnect the battery and check the TPMS light.

What Does a Flashing Tire Pressure Light Mean?

The sensors in tire pressure monitoring systems are often battery-powered. If you notice a flashing TPMS light, the battery probably needs to be replaced or there’s a problem with the sensors. If you decide to solve this problem by yourself, the tire’s sensor is attached to the inner part of the rim. Triple J Saipan’s service center on Saipan can diagnose any issues with your TPMS, and get it functioning optimally.

Will The TPMS Reset Itself?

Depending on the vehicle you own, the TPMS light will reset itself once you’ve filled the tires, but with other vehicles, you’ll have to reset it manually. Many of our Kagman customers often ask, “where is the TPMS reset button?” You can find this on the dashboard.

How Can I Tell If My Tires Are The Problem?

Triple J Saipan is one of the most trusted Saipan tire shops, and we’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong with a TMPS. The truth is that, if you’re having trouble with your tire pressure light, it may simply be that your tires are having trouble holding air! Why would this be the case?

  • If it’s been a long time since you got a new set of tires, or if you don’t know how often your tires need to be rotated, there’s a strong chance that your tire walls have been worn thin.
  • Extreme heat or rapid temperature changes could also cause the air pressure of your tires to fluctuate rapidly. If TPMS comes on at a certain time of day, you’ll just need to remember to take care, fill your tires up in the morning, and keep them as close as possible to the recommended PSI.

If you notice that you don’t have much tread left on your tires, you can visit Triple J Saipan for a replacement set. We know how to find the tires that will work best with your vehicle on the roads of Saipan, and there’s a good chance we have them in stock today!

Keep Your TPMS in Perfect Condition with Triple J Saipan!

If you’ve tried the steps above and your TPMS light still won’t turn off, schedule a service appointment at Triple J Saipan! Our team has the experience and equipment necessary to get to the root of the problem quickly. Remember that in some cases, the reason your tire pressure light won’t turn off might have something to do with your tires themselves. If you’re in need of a new set, you don’t have to go searching far and wide for other Saipan tire shops: Get the price you want with Triple J Saipan!

Interested in learning more about DIY service and maintenance before you pay us a visit? Start by finding out how often you should change your oil or how long an oil change takes, then contact our service team with any questions about our services or service specials!

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