Your Guide to the Saipan Botanical Garden

Green leaves on thin branches with sun shining through in background

The island of Saipan is one of the most beautiful places that you can find, no matter where life takes you! Although the area is overflowing with beaches, resorts, and golf courses, a day spent among the trees can be an especially great way to unwind. For a concentrated look at some of the locale’s most dazzling foliage and flora, you’ll absolutely want to spend a day at the Saipan Botanical Garden.

Where is the Saipan Botanical Garden?

The Saipan Botanical Garden is located right off of Isa Drive-Route 31 in Papago, just north of Laulau Bay. It’s a five-minute drive from San Vicente, a seven-minute drive from the Lao Lao Bay Golf Course outside of Kagman, and a nine-minute drive from Capitol Hill in the north. All things considered, you’ll have little trouble reaching the Botanical Gardens, no matter where you find yourself on the island.

What Can I Expect When I Visit?

One can encounter beautiful views and unique things to do all over Saipan, but the botanical gardens, in the island’s interior, are truly something to behold! On your visit, you’ll encounter as many as 57 different tree species and more than 100 different types of understory plant species. The island’s foliage is primary limestone forest.

If you’re lucky, you may spot local birds like the Mariana fruit dove, the Micronesian myzomela, or the nightingale reed warbler.

If you want to see the area before you visit, the best source just might be Youtube user “Angelawinston”, who uploaded two videos from the Saipan Botanical Garden overlook in 2008.

Find a Hotel Near the Saipan Botanical Garden

Those planning a vacation will certainly want to consider the hotels in Saipan, so they can find one that’s close to all their favorite activities. The closest hotels to the Saipan Botanical Garden are the QQ Garden House located right across the street, and the Stayhill Resort, located very close by on Isa Drive. There’s also the Secret Garden, even farther from the beaten path.

There are also a wide variety of well-reviewed resorts located right along the eastern coast of the Island. Although you’ll have to drive a little farther to reach the botanical gardens, both the Kanoa Resort near Susupe and the Fiesta Resort and Spa in Garapan are great options.

Let Triple J Saipan Be Your Guide to Saipan!

Everyone on our team loves living on Saipan, and we’d be happy to show you around at any time! Even if you don’t need a new vehicle to power your adventures, you can enjoy a superior island experience by checking out our guide to Mount Tapochau, or exploring some of our favorite diving destinations.

If you visit the Saipan Botanical Garden or find other fun things to do on the Northern Marina Islands, contact us today! We can’t wait to hear about your trip.