Lookout Points for the Best Views Around Saipan

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Saipan and the CNMI are a delight to live in. Friendly people, great food, and warm winds make it easy to relax and enjoy yourself on a sunny patio in just about any village. But if you want to get out of town and enjoy the sights while you’re here, there are some can’t-miss Saipan attractions we guarantee will take your breath away.

Forbidden Island

A beautiful day hike from the village of Kagman will take you through the trees and down a steep trail to the stunning rocky outcrop known as Forbidden Island. Surrounded by crashing surf and riddled with cool tidal pools just waiting to be explored by you, Forbidden Island is a magical place complete with its own small cave just waiting to be re-discovered.

Banzai Cliff

One of Saipan’s many cliffs, Banzai is found in the northern part of the island and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors are encouraged to explore the rocky outcrops and pay their respects at the Japanese memorials to those who died or tragically took their lives during the Second World War. Visitors love to meditate and enjoy the soothing sounds of the surf and take pictures of this unforgettable vista.

Mount Tapochau

The highest point on the Island of Saipan, Mount Tapochau rises 1554 feet above the sea and provides sweeping views of the ocean in every direction. Because of its position and unimpeded views, it was an important lookout point during WWII and bears several plaques along the hiking trail discussing the conflict and pointing out areas of interest to visitors.

Bird Island

As its name implies, Bird Island is home to a wide array of seabirds and marine life that populate the nearby marine sanctuary. One of the most photographed places on Saipan, the lookout provides spectacular views of the deep blue sea and beaches that border them. Visitors are encouraged to take the walkway down to the water to explore but are cautioned to use reef shoes to protect their feet from the sharp coral.

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