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photo of the diving mask on rock

One of the best things to do in Saipan and the CNMI is to head beneath the waves and explore the underwater world just off the coast. We offer our top picks for our favorite places to get up close and personal with dolphins, tropical fish, caves and other other-worldly wonders you can only see when you leave Saipan’s beaches behind.

The Grotto

A massive underwater cavern provides an eerie backdrop for experienced divers to explore. Voted the number two diving cavern in the world by Skin Diver Magazine, the connected underwater passageways will challenge you even as they delight.

Eagle Ray City

Populated by dozens of Eagle Rays, this dive off the coast of Saipan offers one of the more unique experiences, providing a rare opportunity to swim in unspoiled waters with gentle creatures that delight in swimming above the divers holding onto the ledges below.

Dump Cove

Wreck divers love this WWII site off the coast of Tinian filled with planes, tanks, Jeeps, and even ammunition left over by the last world war.  It’s not all rust and rot, however, it’s also a turtle feeding ground and provides an excellent opportunity to see these gentle creatures in action.

Senhanom Cave

The stunning background for many award-winning wildlife photographs, Senhamon Cave in Rota is home to schools of redfish, bronze sweepers, lobsters, and other remarkable tropical species whose scales light up with the light streaming through the open roof of the cave.

Sub Chaser

Also in Rota, Sub Chaser is the final resting place of a WWII auxiliary submarine chaser sunk near the end of the war. The site is within the boundaries of the marine sanctuary and is often host to schools of bright, tropical fish as a result.

Twin Coral

Just off the coast of Tinian, Twin Coral, or Turtle Point as it is sometimes called, is home to two flaming coral formations, as well as sea turtles, Parrot Fish, Grouper, Damsel Fish, and other colorful sea creatures.

Explore Saipan

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